It’s not easy pursuing a dream

even the most talented young
golfer needs a bit of help...


A GOLF SCHOLARSHIP to the USA is a unique
opportunity to benefit from some of the best
coaching in the world while gaining a
valuable academic qualification. It is also a
hugely rewarding life experience which
could see you returning a more mature,
rounded individual. But with thousands of
American colleges and universities offering
scholarships and with SAT tests, visas,
insurance and accommodation to consider, it
can be hard knowing where to start. This is
where Collegiate Golf USA can help.


We draw on extensive experience of the collegiate
golf world to support you through the entire process
from assessment and application to departure and
beyond. We find out your specific concerns and offer
honest, impartial advice so that you are fully informed
and reassured at all times. Our aim is to give you the
best chance of gaining a scholarship and making the
most of a very special opportunity.


Pursue the dream...