Golf Scholarships

Academic entry requirements
Any academic subject can be studied with a sport
scholarship and a good level of academic performance
must be maintained throughout the scholarship period.
Overseas students who want to study at a US College are
required to take a SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), a
multiple-choice English and Mathematics exam. Students
are normally required to score 860 marks out of 1600.
You may take the SAT more than once and use your
best sub scores from different tests to meet the
minimum test-score requirements.

NCAA Initial-Eligibility Center
To attend either an NCAA Div 1 or
Div 2 College you need to register
with the NCAA Eligibility Center.
The Center will supply your initialeligibility
certification results to all
colleges/universities that request this
information. You will be asked to submit
transcripts of exam certificates to the Center
which charges a non refundable application
fee of $85.00.

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