Living in the USA

The United States is vast with a population of over
275 million people. There is a range of diverse
climates across the country and lifestyles can vary
significantly from state to state. Even if you have
been a regular visitor to the US, living and studying
in a new country far from home is a very different
experience. There are many practical issues to
consider such as driving licences, drinking laws and
attitudes to religion. We will give you the information
you need about these matters and advise you on
how to adapt to life in the US.

Some American colleges/universities offer on-campus
dormitory accommodation for international students,
often with two or three people (of the same gender)
per room. Many first-year students prefer to live in
on-campus dormitories, because they are convenient
to both academic and social activities and a car is not
required to commute to campus.

Alternatively, off-campus housing offices assist
students to find an appropriate place to live. Often,
the office coordinates activities to help students find a
compatible roommate to share expenses; they also
provide information about the local neighbourhoods.

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