Our Service

AT CGU we create a tailored package designed to
maximise your chances of gaining a scholarship and
having a fulfilling experience in the US. It is
unfortunate that a number of those awarded sports
scholarships return early – we believe our approach
will help you make the right choices and prepare in a
way that will enable you to see your scholarship
programme through to the end.





It is important that we gain an accurate picture of
your abilities and specific circumstances. For this
reason we:

  • Invite you to play a round of golf with our golf
    consultant Fraser Hutchison
  • Produce a report from a Trackman computer system assessing clubhead and ball speed, angle of approach, ball flight and spin rate. This is an invaluable piece of information for US coaches
  • Produce a DVD of your play (US Colleges require DVD evidence of your performance)
  • Compile statistics and spreadsheets on your behalf
  • Assess your academic and sporting suitability for a US college scholarship
  • Advise on choice of junior college or university
  • Have an in depth meeting with you and your family to explain how the scholarship procedure works and let you know what you can expect, not just from the application process but from your American adventure as a whole
  • Prepare a sporting profile to enable US Coaches to evaluate your achievements and potential
  • Assist with SAT preparation and NCAA registration
  • Prepare a marketing programme for US Colleges and coaches
  • Assist with college application forms as well as the F1 student visa and personal insurance
  • Advise on practical issues such as travel and driving licences

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