Golf Scholarships

US golf scholarships provide talented amateur golfers with
an opportunity to pursue both their academic and sporting
careers. American universities have a well established history
of collegiate sport: university sports teams are professionally
managed and their success contributes significantly to a
university’s profile. Consequently, university coaches have a
budget to recruit talented sportsmen from around the world.
Golf scholarships are awarded to outstanding golfers to
finance their university studies in the US. In return,
golfers are expected to train hard and represent the
university in competitions.


Scholarships vary in terms of the percentage of the
costs they cover and 100% scholarships are rare.
The competition is fierce with thousands
of golfers vying for each programme.


As well as university fees and travel expenses,
there are many costs associated with studying
and living abroad. Once you have signed up
with CGU, we will help you prepare a specific
cost breakdown of the expenses you can
expect to incur.

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